Ladies fancy tops wholesale market in mumbai

Ladies fancy tops wholesale market in Mumbai

Mumbai is the hub of Indian women wear. Mumbai dominating the Sarees, Salwar Kameez and Ladies top designs all over the world. Nowadays there is a huge demand for Ladies fancy top all over India. So that Mumbai manufacturers are making the different attractive designs of Ladies tops.

In India, there is a different name of Ladies top that is Kurti. Women wear Kurtis for casual & party wear. Kurti is very comfortable and easy to wear and handle also. If you want to buy Kurtis or Tops then Ladies fancy tops wholesale market in Mumbai. Mumbai is the only city where you can collect the latest designer tops with attractive design, color, and material also.

Last few years back there was there was no demand for kurtas. Only a few designs made of Kurtis and the material was cotton. If you check the old Kurtis design then you can understand, that time Kurtis are only Aline Cut or Shory Kurtis. This was the only design of Kurtis. Here I attach one short Kurtis are crafted with a print design with nake border. That time this type of Kurtis price comes Rs.150 to Rs.350. That time the wholesales knows that Ladies fancy tops wholesale market in Mumbai.



Do you know at that time the Kurtis called in Internet market ” Western Wear”. As the maximum manufacturer in Mumbai does export their products. Western people buy this Kurtis to USA, UK, Canada, and France. The manufacturer makes as per their demand and color also. For the Indian market, Mumbai makes the only cotton Kurtis. If you check that time old cotton Kurtis was printed only.

Now the question is that how Kurtis become very popular in the Indian market also? This has happened for the Mumbai only. Mumbai manufacturer developed the designs for Indian women and do marketing all over India. At the same time, the Internat helps the Indian manufacturer to promote their products at affordable cost.

Presently again Ladies fancy tops wholesale market in Mumbai only. Now Kurtis are making in different materials, like Georgette, Crepe, Cotton, and Linen also. The designs are changing every 7 days. The new designs are also promoted through Facebook, Twiter, and Youtube. The very latest designs are Jacket Kurtis, Long Kurtis, and Koli Kurtis.

The present state of India is being built by Kurtis, among which it is one of Kolkata. Do you know Kolkata making Khadi Kurtis, which are very famous not only in India but also in USA, UK, and France? Ther are using this Kurtis for casual wear. But the designs are different. Indian Kurtis always comes long, the minimum length of Kurtis comes 22 to 23 Inches. But for the International market, this Kurtis comes in 18 to 20 Inches.

Kolkata sarees offer the best designer fancy tops ate wholesale rate. If you want to check the ladies fancy top please check Kolkata Sarees. We are making cotton, Khadi, and Linen Cotton Kurtis at the best price. But finally Ladies fancy tops wholesale market in Mumbai only.

Ladies Fancy Tops Wholesale


Ladies fancy tops wholesale market in mumbai

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