Traditional earrings jhumka for wedding

polki jhumka earring

Traditional earrings jhumka for wedding

Hello, friend today I will show you the Jhumka earring for wedding purpose. The traditional earring Jhumka is the different type. The Jhumka design earring women wear at the wedding then it becomes gold material. The looks are gorgeous and the price also very high.

Gold Jhumka Earring

gold jhumka earring

Apart from gold Jhumka earring, there is so many good looking Jhumka earring. The most popular material is Polki material. The look of this earring like gold. This Polki Jhumka earring is also popular among the women. Women use this Polki Jhumka earring at wedding party or wedding purpose also. The Poliki material also looks like a Gold material. This Polki Jhumka earring also known as traditional Jhumka Earring.

Polki Jhumka Earring

polki jhumka earring

Then comes the GS Jewellery / German Silver Jewellery Earring. This is also called the traditional Jewellery. The Jhunka earring with GS material also called the traditional Jhumka earring. This jewelry is very popular also its matt finish look. This actual a traditional jewellery as women wear this Jewellery with traditional wear like Sarees or Salwar Kameez and Kurtis.

This GS Jewellery is popular due to its various design with the attractive price. This Jewellery mainly develops in Rajasthan. The manufacturers made only the parts of this Jewellery. The different manufacturers assemble these materials and make a complete Jhumka earring.

GS Traditional Jhumka Earring

GS Traditional Jhumka Earring

Then comes the Silk Thread Jhumka earring. We are the manufacturer of Silk thread Jhumka Earring. This also a traditional earring. We develop new designs and forward to our customers. Apart from this service, as we are manufacturer we made the Earring as per customers required color and designs also. Please check the video of our live show.

Silk Thread Jhumka

Kolkata Sarees also doing export our products worldwide. We send items through international courier FedEx or DHL. For more detail and more designs please contact us on WhatsApp +91-9831815857

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