Oxidised jewellery wholesale in Kolkata

oxidised jewellery online shopping

Oxidised jewellery wholesale in Kolkata:

Oxidises Jewellery the look of this Jewellery like antique. This type of Jewellery is perfect with the Bengal Handloom Sarees. The main source of this Jewellery in Rajasthan. The women of Rajasthan wear is Oxidase jewelry with their common ethnic wear line Lehenga Choli.

Oxidised jewellery wholesale in Kolkata

Kolkata Sarees offer the best designer Oxidised fashion jewelry at the wholesale rate. We have a team. We regularly develop new designs and forward to our customers. As we have a team our production is more than enough. So the resellers contact us and collect the designs.

satna jewellery

We have Oxidised jewellery wholesale in Kolkata. Our brand name Satna. We wholesale the Oxidised Jewellery through our Facebook page Satna Boutique. Please visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/satnaboutique/

satna jewellery fb page

Satna Jewellery offers the Oxidised jewellry wholesale in Kolkata. We have more than 200 online resellers. They are from different states in India. We have a WhatsApp broadcast group (+91-9831815857), every day we distribute new designs to our resellers. They place orders through WhatsApp. The designs what we distribute maximum are ready to ship.

Apart from this services we develop Jewellery as per customers demand also. Our customers sometimes place the order same design in different color. As we are the manufacturer, we take 2 to 3 days for making as per demand.

We maintain the materials in stock. We regularly update new designs to our customers with the best price. They also suggest us for making the designs with their chosen color or design. We accept any type of designs from our resellers or retail customers.

oxidice jewellery raw material

One can start the reselling business without any investment. Interested women or men can join our WhatsApp group. We will update you regularly and you can to make a contact list. You will update your contact regularly with new designs with an offer. Collect order and forward to us. We will send the design to address.

For any doubt of quality and color with the material. We provide the live video of the product. We have more than 1000 designs in stock. Interested person contact with us to our main ID kolcata1600@gmail.com / WhatsApp +91-9831815857

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I am from Kolkata, West Bengal. I deal in all kinds of Indian ethnic wear like Sarees, Salwar Kameez and Lehenga Choli. My favorite item is Saree. I collect sarees everywhere in India. The best collection is Bengal cotton sarees, handloom sarees, and tant sarees. This Tant saree represent our Bengal. The color and quality are too good to say, not only in India but also all over the world women like to wear the Tant sarees for the particular occasion. Like Janmashtami and Ratho Jatra. Kolcata.com represent Bengal with Bengal Sarees.

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