South Indian fashion jewellery

south indian fashion jewellery

South Indian fashion jewellery

Satna Jewellery located at Chinsurah, Hooghly. We are 40 Km away from Kolkata main city. We are manufacturer and exporter of fashion jewellery. Satna Jewellery Boutique has more than 150 resellers all over India. The most resellers come from South India. The south Indian reseller’s maximum demand is Silk thread Jewellery.

South Indian Fashion Jewellery means the Silk thread jewellery. We have more than 10 team member. Most of them are women. Satna Jewellery is a small jewellery manufacturing unit. Here the women regularly develop new Silk thread jewellery designs for the South Indian women customers. Our team member regularly updates the new designs through WhatsApp broadcast list, our WhatsApp number +91-9831815857.

Our resellers also collect the Silk thread design from their customers also and forward to us. We develop the same design and send the snap to that resellers. The most popular South Indian Fashion Jewellery is Silk Thread Jewellery due to the women ethnic wear. The Silk sarees are common wear among the South Indian women. For matching the Jewellery the South Indian women like to wear Silk Thread Fashion Jewellery.

We develop Silk thread Jhumka, Necklace, and Bangles in all sizes. But the designs depend on material availability. The maximum time we collect the same material from the Kolkata market. Few of the wholesalers from South India provide the material to us. We develop the design as per his/her demand. At this point, we claim only making charge and shipping from Kolkata to the destination.

silk thread necklace satna jewellery

Apart from Silk Thread jewellery the next popular Jewellery which is very popular in South India that is oxidised jewellery. This is also very famous due to the antique look. Our team member develops the oxidised jewellery with silk thread material. Our resellers got the good response from their customers.

We are getting the response from the women and men also who want to start a business without investment. Interested people join our WhatsApp group and collect design and forward to their customers.

silk thread jewellery at satna jewellery boutique

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I am from Kolkata, West Bengal. I deal in all kinds of Indian ethnic wear like Sarees, Salwar Kameez and Lehenga Choli. My favorite item is Saree. I collect sarees everywhere in India. The best collection is Bengal cotton sarees, handloom sarees, and tant sarees. This Tant saree represent our Bengal. The color and quality are too good to say, not only in India but also all over the world women like to wear the Tant sarees for the particular occasion. Like Janmashtami and Ratho Jatra. represent Bengal with Bengal Sarees.

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