About us

kolkata sarees, very new online fashion store on Facebook. We sell Sarees, Salwar kameez, Lehenga choli and Fashion jewellery through facebook. We know the trends of latest women traditional fashion at Kolkata.

Why Kolkata fashion?
We know the latest trends at the different festival at Kolkata, like Durga Puja, Diwali, Poila Baisakh. All are the different festival with different fashion. Apart from that the wedding time and party wear, all with Bengali sarees.

How do I check latest designs?
It is very easy:) go to our FB page https://www.facebook.com/kolcata1600/
Check what we update? We update latest sarees seven times a day.

Are you trying to find out unique?
Yes, we have Boutique sarees, like Aplic work, multicolor thread Embroidered work and handprint sarees. Don’t worry, do one WhatsApp at (+91)-9831815857 / 6290246729, send your query, we will contact and serve your request. If you do not have we will recommend you also.

I want matching Jewellery with Sarees,
Yes you can, …..
matching color? Possible….. 🙂

Want to check before ship what I am getting 😦
Possible, sure come online on WhatsApp connect with the cam.
Check now:)

What would be the quality?
The best quality with the best price.
Sorry, we are not saying, the customer says after purchase.

Are you from USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Do you want custom stitching?
Yes possible, we have our won stitching unit.

I want to check the custom size before packing and shipping 😦
Yes yes, possible ping WhatsApp (+91)-9831815857, connect with WhatsApp cam 🙂

Bengali saree, Kolcata.com team also Bengali, our team know what Bengali women want to wear at this Durga Puja.

Do you want Linen saree?
Yes, we have:) Cotton Saree, Tant Saree Designer Saree, cotton printed saree.

I can’t find out the Saree or Salwar what I am looking for
Don’t worry, connect with WhatsApp (+91)9831815857, our team will help you.