Bengali saree collection

Bengali saree collection


Sarees are one of the most predominant garments adorned in a woman’s wardrobe. Perhaps there is not a single woman in India who does not like to flaunt sarees once in a while. The wheels of Indian fashion industry has undergone profound changes over many centuries but nonetheless, the aristocracy and elegance of sarees remain undaunted.

Saree comes in various color, quality, and name. In West Bengal, the most popular saree is Tant Sarees. Which is cotton material and crafted with various color string.

@3400 (9)

This Tant sarees are very popular among the Indian women due to the quality. The basic quality of this saree is cotton. Sarees weaved by hand. Tant sarees are popular due to the color also. Sarees come with various attractive color.

From the collection of Bengali saree Tant is very important saree quality or name among the Bengali women. For wedding purpose wearing Tant, saree is very common fashion in Bengali family.

The next saree name comes Jamdani Sarees. This is very popular among the Bengali women. This saree also popular in South Indian women. Saree comes in cotton material. Jamdani sarees weaved by hand. Crafted with self or contrast color cotton string. The sarees are also soft and easy to handle.

1650 (18)

The next name from Bengali saree collection is Kota sarees. This is also a cotton sarees. This Kota sarees little bit heavy than other Sarees like Jamdani. Kota is also a colorful saree with zari weaved border. Sarees come with Blouse material.

Kota 750+shipping (14)

From Bengali saree collection next comes the Handloom sarees. The is also a cotton saree. This sarees crafted with different color string and weaved by hand. This saree texture is totally different from traditional Tant Sarees. Handloom sarees are soft and very easy to wear.

Presently the very latest saree quality is Linen sarees. This saree is soft and come with very attractive color. Sarees with Blouse material in sarees border color. This Bengali linen sarees are very popular in Gujrat, Kerala, and Telangana.


Last 10 years ago this Bengali sarees are not so popular among the women apart from Bengali community women. By the use of the Internet and other all media, this Bengali sarees become very popular. Presently the Bollywood actress is using Linen and different king of Handloom sarees in Indian Cinemas.

1400 (7)

Our team always try to collect different traditional sarees from Bengali sarees manufacturer. We display sarees at our online display Sree Konna Boutique. All of our collections are unique and exclusive.

Kolkata sarees offer the best quality Bengali saree collection at best price, we offer the best price with the best service. For the customer from Kolkata and nearest location, we do COD with quality checking, customers can pater check the quality. For more detail please contact us.

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