Silk saree blouse designs

Silk saree blouse designs

Hello, friend today I will discuss Silk Saree blouse designs. Silk a very gorgeous material. The sarees also a very elegant saree quality. Indian women wear the silk sarees for wedding purpose, party wear and wedding party also. There is the different type of Silk is there.

Murshidabad silk saree, made from Murshidabad West Bengal. This is also called pure silk saree. Then come Banarasi silk saree, which is famous at Banaras. Apart from this two quality, there is few other quality which is also popular in the Indian and international market. That is Chanderi silk saree and Art Silk Saree.

Art silk saree with designer blouse material

art silk saree with designer blouse material

All silk sarees come with different characters. Murshidabad Silk #saree or Pure silk sarees are crafted with handprint or acid print. Then come Banarasi silk saree. This sarees are crafted with zari weaved design. Banarasi silk sarees are crafted with heavy zari embroidery, sometimes the hand Zarcan embroidery also done on Banarasi silk sarees. This Banarasi silk sarees are using for wedding purpose. Then Art SIlk saree. This quality is very new. The manufacturers are located at Surat. This is 100% machine made saree. The quality is soft but very light. Price also very low than the other two qualities.

Art Banarasi Saree with Designer Blouse material

Art banarasi saree with designer blouse material at kolkata sarees

All silk sarees come with Blouse material. Silk saree blouse designs are very common. The Blouse materials come with silk and maximum with sarees running material. The blouse material comes with sleeve design only. The customers can stitch the blouse as per size and design also, subject to fabric limitation.

Silk saree blouse designs are very gorgeous with Banarasi silk sarees. As the Banarasi silk sarees are used for the wedding purpose. So that the Banarasi silk manufacturers made the blouse gorgeous matching with the sarees. All other Blouse material apart from Banarasi silk sarees the blouse material comes 80Cm. So customers can stitch the blouse maximum size 42. But the design depends on the fabric limitation.

Designer Silk Sarees

designer silk sarees with designer blouse material

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Silk saree blouse designs are very attractive also due to the material. Kolkata Sarees have own stitching unit. We stitch blouse as per customers required to design and size also. We have 1 experienced cutting master and 10 trained stitching man. Before place an confirm order we discuss with the customer for required stitching size. Because of fabric limitation. 

The customers from Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland customers want to stitch blouse with long sleeve. The normal length of one long sleeve blouse comes on 21 to 22 Inches. But it is quite impossible with 80CM material for regular silk sarees. But the Banarasi silk saree which are original, blouse material comes 1.2 meters.

The online customer from Indian we recommend to take her own responsibility for blouse stitching. But for the International, we do stitching by sending a size chart form. Kolkata Sarees have more than 2500 Silk saree designs in stock. We do not have an E-commerce store, the customer can discuss with us about quality, colour and possible to show live of the same product. So the customers are happy with us.